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"God, give me the strength to write".

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks Allah & Be Patient

I was in a bad condition today, i mean in term of my health. I believed, this is a way a Muslim tested by Allah swt. He did watched over us, are we gonna be nearer to Him or farther apart in this condition. Thus, I have to say 'Thanks oh Allah, for always watching over me and I'll always be patient of what had happen to me".

When I did strayed a bit, He keeps giving me such condition to keep me nearer to Him. This is love story between Us. Yeah, it is.

Being a Muslim is cool you know. In a hadith, our Prophet Muhammad saw did mentioned that, a Muslim is weird. Why?. When he is in a good condition, he thanks Allah and it is good for him, when he is in bad condition, all he does is being patient, and it is good for him. This hadith narrated by Imam Muslim.

So, keep thanking Allah in everything good that happen to us and be patient if there is something bad occurred. That way, a Muslim will be positive and even productive in their daily life. Doesn't sounds bad huh?. Let us practice then!.

Mr. Espada.


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