This is a small world where I put together my ideas into a thought. A thought then written down by the 'sword' of my hands. I'm a believer of God. Hereafter, be my witness, just what have I done, within this blog.

"God, give me the strength to write".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I, Me and Myself

 - I'm a man of my family, forever i will -

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Writing actually comforts me. It relieves me from a lot of things that has been wandering in my mind recently. I just couldn’t keep it up for each and every day so that i’ll keep calm and rational in my whole day judgement. In which i should decide what is the best for me and others.

In the other hand, i just want to share something except things that are personal to me. I really didn’t like anyone else to read my own diary. Just ignore my post tagged ‘Diary’ ok. I’d made my own choice to write as a way to express my own feelings,stories, daily routines what-so-ever, first to Allah, and there’s no second after Him.

I’m Muslim

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Video : Always Be Mine

I hear you breathe
You're lying close to me
The shadows gone
I have found my peace

You make me calm
With you I'm safe from harm
And right by your side
I'll stay through the night 'til eternity
That's the way it will be

And I wonder what you're dreaming of
You're so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want everything I need is lying here in front of me

And if I ever lose my power to fly
Then your love takes me high
I'll always be true to you
Sometimes I think I might lose it all
Guess the chances are small
'Cause you hold me close I feel you near
Don't let go say you'll always be here
So just hold me tight and I'll be fine
Dreaming you will always be mine

Just like the sun
You make me warm inside
Like a soft summer breeze
A moment to seize
So true I won't stop loving you

And I wonder what you're dreaming of
You're so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want everything I need is lying here in front of me

And if I ever lose my power to fly
Then your love takes me high
I'll always be true to you
Sometimes I think I might lose it all
Guess the chances are small
'Cause you hold me close I feel you near
Don't let go say you'll always be here
So just hold me tight and I'll be fine
Dreaming you will always be mine

And I wonder what you're dreaming of
You're so peaceful when you sleep
Everything I want everything I need is lying here in front of me

And if I ever lose my power to fly
Then your love takes me high
I'll always be true to you
Sometimes I think I might lose it all
Guess the chances are small
'Cause you hold me close I feel you near
Don't let go say you'll always be here
So just hold me tight and I'll be fine
Dreaming you will always be mine

Just hold me tight and I'll be fine
Dreaming you will always be mine

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Us Rule!

- House, most of the times he is insane, though, he is a good doctor -

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the Most Merciful, all praises be unto Him.

Last night, i had a short and nice conversation with one of my brother through Skype program. It’s beneficial for us since now he study at Cairo University, Cairo. It’d been about 2 months since he left to further his studies. It kind of reminds me of my old-days with him.

For a teenagers aged 19 years old, it’ll be hard for him to left our beloved family behind thousands of kilometers far away from home. I knew since we was kid, he was kind of brave. Never afraid to start something and never ever easily gave up. I admired him so much till now, and really, he made me cried the day he flew. I was way behind his achievements, even once i studied so hard, he always there to beat my results. I admit, he is the best of our siblings, and became the apple of my parent’s eyes. I never doubt that and i respected him a lot. I knew i will never be him.

I actually, never did my best after my secondary school. I mean the first secondary school before i moved to the same school as my brother. I lost somewhere in the middle of my journey to be an adolescent, and losing enough until now. The fact that i entered medical school was just luck, is one of the things i thanks Allah so much, perhaps by made my parent prayer became realized. Up until now, all that i always want is to finish my medical course and become a good doctor, god’s willing. All of sudden, my brother followed me along this hard and difficult way, i really didn’t know why. Right from the start, the truth is, unlike others both of us never had any dreams to achieve, we just made it all the way till what we had now. We were kind of weird, but here we are, we gonna be doctors someday!.

“Oh Allah, strengthen both of us throughout this noble way, and guide us along the path to be among the great Muslim physicians”

I’m Muslim

Monday, December 20, 2010

'127 Hours' Incredibly Inspiring

- by far, one of most motivational film i really wanna see -
(just get focus on the main motive ok, i mean it)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet friend of mine

-I hope this flower resemble you- 

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, all praises be upon Him.

My friend, i kind of admire her since 2 years ago. I admired her because one single thing. About being truthful to herself, and to Allah. I’m writing about her just because she was the one i saw hope inside her, and now on, the hope turned into reality.

For girl aged 19 years old, she introduced herself to me. I really do not know who she was until we had been together into same organization. A student’s organization, kind of small, and i was made leader. It was my second time since matriculation to hold a position as a leader. Before came to my campus, i swore i never wonder to be a student’s leader anymore. Our organization is focused to take care about religious matter in my batch. Really, that time, i thought it would be better for someone else than me to lead the organization, but then i realize we had strengthen the bond (ukhuwah) between us by then time we end that academic session. It kind of made me happy.

Ok, back to the main topic. For few months, she contacted me through messages, discussing lots of religious things that she wanted to know. Judging from her appearance, i knew she was not from any religious school. That time, i just wanted her to realize, a girl should consult any other girl for advices, reminders etc. This is especially when asking of discussing religious matter. I might not be able to answer those topic that related to a ‘girl’. I made my mind to let her know about this, but then we suddenly lost contact between each other. She did not contact me anymore, and i thought it just settled this way. It was better this way. I knew i had to.

Within the few months time, i knew in my heart, that she had the potential to change and become someone better than herself at that particular time. She loves to hear tazkirah, and she asked me to write something, or blogging so that she could read it. Until that time, my sole purpose of having this blog was for her. I wrote quite a lot on topics that she picked up when asking me. For example, “the status of women in Islam”. I made a lot of research in one topic that she asked so i could answer her questions. In the end, she ended having her blog too, a private one. I kind of limit myself to discuss about religious matter only when she asked, and i knew i had to find her any girl or woman that will continue my bit of consultation.

At the end of the day, she was someone who brave enough to change herself. She changed her hijab from wearing the simple one to the muslimah one. I really proud of her even though i did not express it myself. I really knew how hard it was when people started looking at you even what you are doing was right. Those eyes, they kind of criticize anyone who changed to be good instead. The world is now opposite in lots of thing, for what we should see it good, it turned out to be bad. But my friend, Allah is always on your side. Our side insyaAllah. I prayed for you to be strong enough to face everything that you change in your life. Even though we are in different path, i always believe to hope on something. I had believe in you, and you inspires me for now and forever. Just because she had been truthful to herself, and to Allah. May Allah rewards you my friend, stay strong!.

I’m Muslim.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ya Mujib, Istajib Dua’ana.

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, all praises be upon Him.
In this few weeks, i had facing difficulties in my life. Even so, i actually bear a great responsibility upon my shoulders, as a student leader. I never expected to end up a student leader anyway, because i’m not really good at it. As a start, i just want to express what is actually bothering me lately.

By December 2008, when i was in my 1st year of medical studies, i was asked by few of my seniors to keep on focus in study (which i don't know why). But i’m really happy with it, to have such seniors that taken care of their juniors. Back then, when it was in Mac 2008, when i got my result for 3rd Selajar, that few seniors came asked my if i can be a leader of future generation in my campus. It shocked me a lot, but i prayed to Allah, let He show me the path.

Alhamdulillah, i glad that i made it to enter 2nd year (1st year was such a frightening year for me, to struggle in lots of thing in basic medicine). It was my time then to face the 1st examination in 2nd phase of medical course, when a senior approached me to become a candidate in campus election. I knew it already, i keep praying to Allah, let just He the one to show me the path. I asked Him, if i pass my 1st Selajar that time, it will be a sign for me to enter the campus election, as a candidate. As a medical student, it requires you to pass all the examinations before you can actually be a candidate.

I believe, it was Allah that ease on my way. It became a student leader in February 2010 as a president. It was a great burden on my shoulders that i have to carry on for long 1 year of duration to serve the students here. I made the decision based on two things : i pass my exam, and i had done my research on my batch and my senior batch (there will be no candidate for a guy, that really have talent to lead, understand on the way of Islamic leadership, and would lead it in Islamic way). Upon all Muslim guys in my batch or my senior batch (2nd year and 4th year respectively), it was fardhu kifayah to fill the position as a leader. If no one showed up to be a candidate,  everyone of us will bear a great sin for whole 1 year long. I managed to be a candidate and i won without any hardships, alhamdulillah.

A great responsibility came later. I was the only guy in my six-members committee of student leaders, and i was made president. I was not fully prepared mentally and physically to be a good leader. I wont write about anything that happen in my committee, but really, it made me lost focus on my study. Up until now, i haven’t study for about 10 whole months. I lost somehow in the middle of long journey to be a leader. It caused me failed my 2nd Selanjar of 2nd phase in medical course. Great burden came one by one, and for a small committee, it was hard to serve the students. I also quited being a leader in my group (PBL group-problem based learning, a skill that we as medical student must acquired when we graduate) which gave me a quite relief, even for a while. Fight for student’s right was really hard. That is the words. Being a leader, i made me friends, and foes. Now, I really could not focus anymore in leadership and my own life, i made a lot of mistakes, i have been someone else that really differ from the real me. It aches me, my heart, my feeling sometimes, but i know i have to be strong. Right now i just feel so tense, that i could not bear it anymore. Ya Allah, please, strengthen me.

Recently, i merely had time to make a medical appointment with doctor. Up until now, i really could not solve the mysteries inside me,for which  i had an insight that i’m sick. Being a leader, it consumes my time to even to take care upon my health. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, i pray to You, even so, please end my life with in a good way (khairul khatimah), and please do not end my life in a bad way (su’ul khatimah). Ya Mujib, istajib dua’ana.

I’m Muslim

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sources Of Tafsir

If someone asks about the best methods of Tafsir, we reply that the best method is to explain the Qur'an with the Qur'an itself. What is mentioned in general terms in one place in the Qur'an, is usually explained in another place. When one does not find this easily, he should look to the Sunnah because its purpose is to explain the Qur'an and elaborate upon its meanings. Allah said,

‘Surely, We have sent down to you (O Muhammad SAW) [1] the Book (this Quran) in truth that you might judge between men by that which Allah has shown you, so be not a pleader for the treacherous.’ (An Nisa 4:105)
‘And We have also sent down unto you (O Muhammad SAW) the reminder and the advice (the Quran), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to them, and that they may give thought.’ (An Nahl 16:44) and,

‘This is why the Messenger of Allah said,

‘The Sunnah was a revelation from Allah just as the Qur'an, although it is not recited as the Qur'an is recited.’
So one seeks the Tafsir of the Qur'an with the Qur'an itself and with the Sunnah. If one cannot find the Tafsir in the Qur'an or Sunnah, he should refer to the statements of the Companions, who were the most knowledgeable of Tafsir, for they witnessed the situations and incidents that we did not witness. They also had the deepest comprehension, the most correct knowledge, and the most righteous works. Especially the scholars and leaders among them, such as the Four Rightly Guided Khalifahs and righteous Imams, and `Abdullah bin Mas`ud, may Allah be pleased with them all. Imam Abu Ja'far bin Jarir At-Tabari narrated that 'Abdullah bin Mas`ud said, 

"By He other than Whom there is no God, no Ayah in the Book of Allah was revealed but I have knowledge about whom and where it was revealed. Verily, if I know of a person who has more knowledge than me in the Book of Allah that the animals can reach (by travelling on them), I will travel to meet him."

Also, among the scholars of the Companions is the great scholar, the sea of knowledge, 'Abdullah bin `Abbas, the cousin of the Messenger of Allah, and the explainer of the Qur'an, as a result of the blessing of the supplication of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. The Prophet invoked Allah for the benefit of Ibn `Abbas,

(O Allah! Teach him Fiqh in the religion and interpretation.) [3]

Further, Ibn Jarir At-Tabari reported that `Abdullah bin Mas`ud said, "Yes, Ibn 'Abbas is the interpreter of the Qur'an." This Hadith has an authentic chain of narrators. [4] Ibn Mas`ud died in the thirty-second years of Hijrah and 'Abdullah bin `Abbas lived for thirty-six years after that. Hence, what do you think about the knowledge that Ibn 'Abbas collected after Ibn Mas`ud? Al-A'mash said that Abu Wa'il said, "Ali once appointed 'Abdullah bin `Abbas to lead the Haj season. Ibn 'Abbas gave a speech to the people in which he read and explained Surat Al­ Baqarah (according to another narration, Surat An-Nur) in such a way, that if the Romans, Turks and the Daylam heard him, they would have embraced Islam." [5]

This is why the majority of the knowledge Ismail bin `Abdur­ Rahman As-Suddi Al-Kabir collected in his Tafsir is from these two men, Ibn Mas`ud and Ibn `Abbas. Yet, he sometimes mentions what they narrated of the Israelite accounts that the Messenger of Allah has allowed when he said,

‘Convey on my behalf, even if it is one Ayah (sentence), and narrate from the Children of Israel, as there is no sin in this. And whoever intentionally lies on me, let him assume his assured seat in the Fire.’

This Hadith from 'Abdullah bin Amr was collected by Al-­Bukhari (Fath Al-Bari 6:572). This is why when `Abdullah bin 'Amr had possession of two books from the People of the Scripture on the Day (battle) of the Yarmuk, he used to narrate what was in- them, because of what he understood of the Hadith that allowed this practice.

Israelite Accounts and Tales

Yet, the Israelite accounts and stories should only be used Not supporting evidence, not as evidence themselves. There are three types of these accounts and tales; a kind that we are `tire is authentic because we have in our religion something that testifies to its truth. The second type is what we know to be false based on what we have. The third is of neither type. Hence, we neither affirm nor deny this type, and we are allowed to narrate it, because of the Hadith that we mentioned. The majority of these are of no religious benefit. 'In instance, an Israelite tale mentions the names and number of the people of the Cave (Al-Kahj) and the color of their dog. They also include the type of tree Moses' staff was made of, the kind of the birds Ibrahim brought back to life by Allah's leave, the part of the cow the dead Israelite was struck with to resurrect him, and the kind of tree that Allah spoke to Moses through. Such examples of things that Allah kept unexplained in the Qur'an do not carry any daily or religious significance for responsible adults.

Tafsir of the Tabi`in

When unable to find the Tafsir in the Qur'an, the Sunnah or with the Companions, the scholars then look to the Tafsir of the Tabi`in, (second generation of Islam) such as Mujahid bin Jabr, who was a wonder himself in Tafsir. Muhammad bin Ishaq narrated that Abban bin Salih said that Mujahid said, "I reviewed the Mushaf with Ibn `Abbas thrice from beginning to end asking him about each and every Ayah in it." Also, Ibn Jarir narrated that Ibn Abi Mulaykah said, "I saw Mujahid asking Ibn `Abbas about the Tafsir of the Quran while he was holding his tablets (papers). Ibn 'Abbas would say to him, Write,' until Mujahid asked him about the entire Tafstr." This is why Sufyan Ath-Thawri said, "If the Tafsir reaches you from Mujahid, then it is sufficient for you." [5]

The scholars of Tafsir also include Sa`id bin Jubayr, 'Ikrimah-the freed servant of Ibn 'Abbas, 'Ata' bin Abi Rabah, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Masruq bin Al-Ajda`, Sa'Id bin Al­Musayyib, Abu Al-`Aliyah, Ar-Rabi` bin Anas, Qatadah, Ad ­Dahhak bin Muzahim and other scholars among the Tabi`in and the following generations. 

The statements of these Imams should be mentioned and referred to for Tafsir. We should mention here that these scholars use a variety of meanings for some words, leading those who do not have enough knowledge to think that they conflict, and thus, they consider them opposing statements. This is not correct, for some of these scholars would use variations of the same expressions and some of them would use the precise terms. 

These meanings are all the same in the majority of instances, and those who have sound comprehension see this, and Allah is the One Who guides and directs to success.

Tafsir by mere Opinion
It is prohibited to indulge in Tafsir by mere opinion. Muhammad bin Jarir reported that Ibn 'Abbas said that the Prophet Peace be upon him said,
(For this, and the previous quotes, see At-Tabari 1:90-91)
[Whoever explains the Qur'an with his opinion or with what he has no knowledge of, then let him assume his seat in the Fire.]

At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa'i and Abu Dawud also recorded this Hadith. At-Tirmidhi said, "Hasan".

Explaining what One has Knowledge of, Silence otherwise

The Salaf used to refrain from explaining what they had no knowledge of. For instance, Ibn Jarir (At-Tabari) reported that Abu Ma'mar said that Abu Bakr As-Siddiq said, " Which land will carry me and which heaven will shade me if I said about Allah's Book that which I have no knowledge of? " [6]
Ibn Jarir also reported that Anas narrated that 'Umar bin Al-Khattab read the Ayah,~{And fruits and Abba (herbage, etc.)
while standing on the Minbar. He then said, " We know the fruit, so what is the Abba?" He then said, "O 'Umar! This is exaggeration." [7]

This statement means that 'Umar briefly wanted to know the exact nature of the Abba, for it was evident - to him - that it is a plant that grows on earth, just as Allah said,

And We cause therein the grain to grow. And grapes and clover plants’ (i.e. green fodder for the cattle) (80:27-28).

Ibn Jarir also recorded that Ibn Abi Mulaykah said that Ibn 'Abbas was asked about an Ayah, "That if any of you is asked about, he will indulge in its Tafsir." without hesitation Ibn 'Abbas refused to say anything about it (meaning with his opinion). This narration has an authentic chain of narrators. He also narrated that Ibn Abi Mulaykah said, "A man asked Ibn 'Abbas about, One Day, the space whereof is a thousand years.
Ibn 'Abbas asked him, What is, Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years~?'

The man said, `I only asked you to tell me.' Ibn 'Abbas said, They are two Days that Allah has mentioned in His Book and He has better knowledge of them.' He disliked commenting on the Book of Allah when he had no knowledge about it."

Al-Layth narrated that Yahya bin Sa`id said that Said bin Al-Musayyib used to talk about what he knows of the Qur'an (At-Tabari 1:86). Also, Ayyub, Ibn 'Awn and Hisham Ad­Dastuwa i narrated that Muhammad bin Sirin said, "I asked 'Ubaydah (meaning, As-Salmani ) about an Ayah of the Qur'an and he said, 

"Those who had knowledge about the circumstances surrounding revelation of the Qur'an have perished. So fear Allah and seek the right way."

Ash-Sha`bi narrated that Masruq said, "Avoid Tafszr, because it is narration related to Allah." [8]

These authentic narrations from the Companions and the Imams of the Salaf (righteous ancestors) testify to their hesitation to indulge in the Tafsir of what they have no knowledge of. As for those who speak about what they have linguistic and religious knowledge of, then there is no sin in this case. Hence, the scholars and the Imams, including the ones we mentioned, issued statements of Tafsir and spoke about what they had knowledge of, but avoided what they had no knowledge of. 

Refraining from indulging in what one has no knowledge of is required of everyone, just as everyone is required to convey the knowledge that they have when they are asked. Allah said,

‘To make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it’ (3:187);
Also, a Hadith narrated through several chains of narrators says, [9]
(Whoever is asked about knowledge that he knows but hid it, will be tied with a muzzle made of fire on the Day of Resurrection.


[1] was given the Qur'an and its equal with it)), in reference to the Sunnah. 2
[2] Ahmad 4:131
[3] Fath Al-Bari 1:205.
[4] At-Tabari 1:90.
[5] At-Tabari 1:81.
[6] At-Tabari 1:78.
[7] At-Tabari 24:229.
[8] At Tabari 1:86, for these quotes.
[9] Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi, and others.

A New Start

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. Praise be upon Him.

This is my new blog. I reset already all the posts and every each that related to me in my past blog. The reason why i do it, i really do not know. I just want to keep a distance from every one, and start writing back. I love to write, it is pleasure and refreshing, it just me and Allah swt with no one else interfering. It just sometimes i need to be alone, to look back upon myself and try anything to improve on it, what so-called muhasabah in Islam. So i believe this is my space, to let myself freely write, everything that i think and being away for a while from the reality of life.

Actually, this is my first this writing everything in English, before this it is totally bahasa as i’m Malay. But it challenge me to improve a lot in this part of writing, as i believe, English has a better translation to Quran rather than malay. I love to hear one preach in English, as the translation is easy and rather direct towards the real meaning of Quran itself. And the most important, for me, it gives me some sort of real feeling towards understanding Islam.

By the way, for a better start, i just want to quote a very brief surah, but rather important in our life.

Surah 1 - Al Fatiha

1) In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
2) Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds;
3) Most Gracious, Most Merciful;
4) Master of the Day of Judgement.
5) Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.
6) Show us the straight way,
7) The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.

[This is the English translation of the meaning of the Quran (original text is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali: 1934), not the Quran itself. The Quran is in its original, pristine Arabic as it was revealed from Allah (the word for God in Arabic). Someone new to these verses may not fully understand the verses and may take them out of context. One must look into all the verses in relation to each other, the Sunnah and Hadith (example and traditions of the Prophet (s)), the context of revelation, Tafsir (commentaries), the original lexical Arabic and scholarly understanding to fully interpret the Quran's meaning.]

As this is the important surah that must be recited by Muslims all over the world, i believe, the meaning is always important. For those who want to just recite it, for them there are rewards from Allah swt. But for them who recite it with the intention of praying to Allah swt, for them there are much more than just recitation. Allah swt love to hear praying from us.

I’m Muslim!