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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet friend of mine

-I hope this flower resemble you- 

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, all praises be upon Him.

My friend, i kind of admire her since 2 years ago. I admired her because one single thing. About being truthful to herself, and to Allah. I’m writing about her just because she was the one i saw hope inside her, and now on, the hope turned into reality.

For girl aged 19 years old, she introduced herself to me. I really do not know who she was until we had been together into same organization. A student’s organization, kind of small, and i was made leader. It was my second time since matriculation to hold a position as a leader. Before came to my campus, i swore i never wonder to be a student’s leader anymore. Our organization is focused to take care about religious matter in my batch. Really, that time, i thought it would be better for someone else than me to lead the organization, but then i realize we had strengthen the bond (ukhuwah) between us by then time we end that academic session. It kind of made me happy.

Ok, back to the main topic. For few months, she contacted me through messages, discussing lots of religious things that she wanted to know. Judging from her appearance, i knew she was not from any religious school. That time, i just wanted her to realize, a girl should consult any other girl for advices, reminders etc. This is especially when asking of discussing religious matter. I might not be able to answer those topic that related to a ‘girl’. I made my mind to let her know about this, but then we suddenly lost contact between each other. She did not contact me anymore, and i thought it just settled this way. It was better this way. I knew i had to.

Within the few months time, i knew in my heart, that she had the potential to change and become someone better than herself at that particular time. She loves to hear tazkirah, and she asked me to write something, or blogging so that she could read it. Until that time, my sole purpose of having this blog was for her. I wrote quite a lot on topics that she picked up when asking me. For example, “the status of women in Islam”. I made a lot of research in one topic that she asked so i could answer her questions. In the end, she ended having her blog too, a private one. I kind of limit myself to discuss about religious matter only when she asked, and i knew i had to find her any girl or woman that will continue my bit of consultation.

At the end of the day, she was someone who brave enough to change herself. She changed her hijab from wearing the simple one to the muslimah one. I really proud of her even though i did not express it myself. I really knew how hard it was when people started looking at you even what you are doing was right. Those eyes, they kind of criticize anyone who changed to be good instead. The world is now opposite in lots of thing, for what we should see it good, it turned out to be bad. But my friend, Allah is always on your side. Our side insyaAllah. I prayed for you to be strong enough to face everything that you change in your life. Even though we are in different path, i always believe to hope on something. I had believe in you, and you inspires me for now and forever. Just because she had been truthful to herself, and to Allah. May Allah rewards you my friend, stay strong!.

I’m Muslim.


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