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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Are All Loo Jo Yee


There's nothing else I can say except praising Allah for what I heard. He had given her Hidayah that turn her to her fitrah of being a Muslim.

Though this story have been long publicized in social networks, I just want to write an article as a tribute to her. A welcoming article to keep her stronger each and every day of being a Muslim!.

Convert or Revert

Words above described when someone changes their religion. The different is that revert is used when someone changed back to their own original religion.

In fact, we always misused the word convert when someone become Muslim. It's wrong actually because we are Muslim once we were born in this world. It's just our parent that shaped us either to become a Muslim or not in later part of our life. Christian parents will teach their children their belief and so thus the other religions.

So when someone return back to Islam, they actually reverted to their original religion, becoming a Muslim.

Loo Jo Yee

When first I heard her name, I asked myself, "Is she a Korean or what?". Then only later I know that she is actually a Chinese girl. A cute one.

I believe her story and videos are already everywhere so i won't talk about her much.

What I admire her the most and what should we reflect back to ourselves?
She reads Quran even though she was a non-Muslim at that time but do we read even a page of Quran everyday?.

She understands the content of Quran but do we understand it the way she did?.

She reads the story of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him but we don't even know his story that much.

She seeks the knowledge of Islam even though at that particular time she just wants to search for debatable topics with her Muslim friends. We instead just using most of our time gaining 'knowledge' from Facebook.
See how much the differences between us. She found Islam through her searching effort but we 'gain' Islam since we were born. She appreciated Islam very much but we didn't even care to practice Islam as a whole.

We Discriminate

This is a shame to Islam itself. We Muslims actually did not practice Islam as a whole and even discriminate our new brothers and sisters in Islam.

We cause them distress. We put them to a corner where they couldn't respond to our discrimination.
"Close your aurat first, if not you cannot enter the Masjid"

"Perform solah, if not, you are not a Muslim"

"Do you really want to be a Muslim?. What is your intention actually?."
We question their intention too much and it's actually really fragile.

They keep thinking if they want to be a Muslim, they would have to cut off their relationship with their family. This false belief actually make them scared.

And there are actually a lot more things that make them waver to become a Muslim. And we add-on the causes even more. Never once our Muslim society treat our new brother and sister nicely. What did we gave them is only discrimination.

What differentiate a Muslim in the eye of Allah?
Money?. No.

How long have you been a Muslim?. Totally a No.

Our level of Taqwa. Correct.
So, we actually don't know if we are better than them. In fact, most of them are much better than us. They are much eager to invite people to Allah than us.

Weird, but that's the reality.

Say No to Discrimination!.

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  1. terharu baca kisah dan tgk youtube ttg pengakuan dia..