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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Darren Shan Books

I was so not interested into reading books. It was true until I was introduced by my friend to a novel entitled "Darren Shan : The Vampire Assistant". At that particular time, there was 9 book of Darren Shan in his possession.

I gave him a try and it amazed me how the Vampire 'actually' live. The author made the character looks alive along the story line. And somehow I was able to finish all the 9 books in 2 weeks. (^^)

Few months after that, the fourth trilogy came out. I asked my friend to bring them to the hostel as fast as possible. It somehow drove me crazy to know the end of the story.
"Can Darren become the Vampire King?"
"Who will die in the end actually?"
"How the Vampire and the Vampaneze fight each other?"
"The story keeps becoming interesting!"
So on and so forth. It was a relieve you know, when the end ends as expected, although it follow a long way  course around the predicted one (It can end easily, but yeah, the author wants to make money as well).

Thereafter, i told myself, i cannot read any novel like this trilogy. 12 books as a total drove me crazy over months because everything that i read will be somehow repeated over and over in my mind just before I got to sleep. Thus, I cause me daytime sleepiness!.

When everything back to normal, I did end up lazier than ever to read any other books. (^^)

Here's the total 12 books.

Here goes the movie of this trilogy.

P/s : I admired everything I've read about this books so far. But I got medical books to read all night!. Wish me luck!.


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