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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Stone Softer Than A Heart

A Stone Softer Than A Heart
The stones in water

One rainy day, there was a child with his grandfather lived together far east of this country. Both of them sat on the floor of the doorway, facing together but not saying anything at all. It was not that they had argument or what, but the grandfather wanted to be silent or otherwise his beloved grandchildren would not stop talking or asking him questions. It was better for him not to start the conversation at all. Silence.

"Grandpa...". The boy started opening his mouth. "Oh boy, you want to ask something again.." said silently within the grandfather's heart. "Can I ask you something, please?". Urged the boy, named Aaron. Grandfather Samuel replied "Yes for sure you can, you Grandpa should answer anything that bothers you. So what is your question Aaron?"

"What is the differences between stone and water?. Which one is stronger?. Can water beat the stone?" asked Aaron. "That is not a question young man, it is a 3 combined questions in one breath!". The grandfather giggled when it came to the questions, "What a bright grandson I have ever had" the heart sounded.

"Here is the answer, they both are two different entities and both have their own strengths. Water is something that can be everything, it can turns into an ice or it can vaporizes into the air. Am I right?. You can even make out a snowman out of the snow. Some people they even build castle out of the giant ice packs. Water is essential for human body, without them we will die from being thirsty and dehydrated. The stone is completely opposite, it has hard consistency, it cannot change its shape, it is less useful for us and some people feel pain when they stumbled upon it." the grandfather slowly composed the answer.

"The stone may looked like it is really hard that it is even harder to break it, but water can distorts it." the grandfather continued. Aaron getting confused and quickly delivered new question, "How is it a stone can be distorted by the water?".

The grandfather Samuel took a look on the surrounding and begun thinking a demonstrable answer for Aaron.

"You see a small rock there, just near the biggest vast in the garden. Take it and bring it back to me..", he replied. The grandson quickly went through the rain without even thinking it was raining heavily and picked the stone. He then ran back to the grandfather with the rock in his hand. "I did not even finished my words yet Aaron, you should take the umbrella first you know, haha", the grandfather really cannot understand Aaron's eagerness on learning new things.

"Take the rock and put it right under that falling rain water from the roof. Put it where the most rain water fall" instructed the grandfather. "Okay then, I will put it right here" the boy put the stone near the corner of the house. "Then what?" he eagerly asked back the grandfather. "You will have to wait" simply replied by the grandfather.

3 week passed by. Raining almost everyday.

On a calm evening, a question break the silence. "Grandpa Sam, what happen to the rock we put under the rain water?" the small voice of Aaron interrupted his grandfather's work. "Go out and take a look of yourself, you will find the answer" he replied.

After a few seconds, he ran towards the grandfather and happily shouted "Grandpa Sam, the stone did distorted, it is so unbelievable!". "Son, one small drop of water alone would not have the strength to distort the stone, but if it is a lot of water, it can be a big force to give such an effect to the stone. Strength is everyone's, you just have to look where is yours!" the grandfather replied.

And indeed, there are stones out of which rivers gush forth, and indeed, there are of them (stones) which split asunder so that water flows from them, and indeed, there are of them (stones) which fall down for fear of Allah (QS 2:75)

"Some stones are softer than our hearts"


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