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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Like You

Love Like You

Grandpa Sam was working in the garden, watering the plants that surround his house. There were a couple of birds stayed in the Grandpa Sam's tree a yard away from where he was standing. Grandpa Sam made a small wooden bird house for them and he did fed the birds with some fruits.That was very kind of him.

Likewise, Aaron was waiting his chance to ask Grandpa Sam a few brilliant questions. He walked slowly and approach his Grandpa Sam slowly, quietly. This time, he successfully sneaked behind Grandpa Sam.

Aaron : "Grandpa Sam!"
Grandpa Sam : "Owh my god!"
Aaron : "Yes!, I just made Grandpa Sam surprised"
Grandpa Sam : "Nope, I have expected you to do that earlier on. Haha. Nice trick huh. So, What do you want from me Aaron?"
Aaron : "I want to ask one simple question. Our neighbour said that this garden was all your work. You made this garden looked beautiful. Do you really like gardening?, because you did not seem so, hehe"

Grandpa Sam put all his gardening tools aside and pull his grandson's hand to the center of the garden and asked him to sit down there.

Grandpa Sam : "I am going to make you some tea, you just wait here and watch the birds, ok?"
Aaron : "Easy for me!"

Few minutes later Grandpa Sam join Aaron with 2 cups of tea. One for him, and one for his grandson. The evening was getting cloudy. They had a few sip of tea before started back the conversation.

Grandpa Sam : "Tell me Aaron, what did you see?"
Aaron : "I saw the a bird went in and out of their house. The other one was inside the house. That one was not going anywhere. It will be boring if it was me."
Grandpa Sam : "Haha Aaron. Nice joke. Every time you were boring, you will came showering me lots of questions, did not you?"
Aaron : "Yeah I did, you are my Grandpa Sam did not you?"
Grandpa Sam : "Yeah, yeah. Haha. Anyway, let me tell you a secret. Do you know I had a wife, your Grandma?"
Aaron : "I do not know I had a Grandma, where is she?"


Grandpa Sam : "She died a long time ago before you were born. She was my wife and my love. This garden was her doing, i just continued her work. It was my way of continue expressing my love for her. My love will not die even she went away earlier than me. I was so sad at that time, but when I saw the garden had not been managed for months, I felt that she completely disappeared from my life. So when i started taking care of this garden, I sort of felt her presence.."
Aaron : "I am so sorry Grandpa Sam, I did not know what to say"
Grandpa Sam : "It is okay, I just want to share you this story. Anyway, you will ask me someday even I am not telling you now, haha"
Aaron : "Hehe, so what is the connection with the birds Grandpa Sam?"

Grandpa Sam took another sip of tea before continuing his story. For him, to answer any questions from this kid, he had to think a lot and gave him an example.

Grandpa Sam : "Love manifests in all living things in this world. You know why?. Because God created it to be that way. And He created all the living things their couple. You may get married with a nice, sweet women someday, and I have had your Grandma. The birds are a couple too, the one that went in and out is the male bird. It went out to search for foods for the female bird. Why is it so?. The female bird had to take care of their 'children'. So their action actually manifests their love!."
Aaron : "Oh I see, that is how love works!"

Aaron : "Grandpa Sam, I want to love like you, I want to be a good husband like you, and I want to have a grandson like me!"
Grandpa Sam : "You sure will suffer mentally because of your grandson!, haha"

O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.
(QS49 :13)


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