This is a small world where I put together my ideas into a thought. A thought then written down by the 'sword' of my hands. I'm a believer of God. Hereafter, be my witness, just what have I done, within this blog.

"God, give me the strength to write".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poem Of My Heart : Lonely

Oh God,

I feel empty, I feel lonely,
I feel I'd been lost in my own reflection,
Why did i feel that I'm far away from serenity,
Slowly, I look for, why did i feel such emptiness,
Might be I'd done something wrong, 
Might be I'd lost somewhere in my life,
Might it be, and might it be more reasons again.

Oh God, why did i feel such an emptiness,
I really wanna cry, i regretted myself, why did this happen,
Until when i will be like this Oh God,
This restless never edged.

Let me back to You, to the Light that should lit up my life,
Oh God, I really, really feel empty, lonely,
I don't wanna be like this anymore,
This restless never edged,
I want your light, I want your guidance,
So, lit up my life again.

I'm A Muslim
Poem Of My Heart : Lonely


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