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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Greatest Fear

One of my greatest fear is becoming an Imam in the congregation prayer (Solah). On top of that, Imam of Tarawikh prayers. However, tonight marks the night I've overcome that fear!.

I really can't imagine what is the feeling being in front of there. My visual acuity is not 6/6 for both eyes. It is 12/6 i think. I've to wear spectacles to see clearly. I can't see clearly The Quran opened in front of me without wearing spectacles. This is my greatest fear, because as an Imam, I have to read something from The Quran.

Tonight's Imam schedule should be one of Imam from the Islamic Center, in my university. Unfortunately, he wasn't there just now. And I was asked to take over his place instead!.

"Oh my God, what if I can't see a thing in front of there?. I haven't been able to recall the Surah I've been remembered in this short amount of time. What if I make a mistake during recalling the Surah?. I need to recall first or else I'll make Tajweed mistakes as well. In only few seconds more, what should I do?. Ease me oh Allah!" I prayed hard silently. Only Allah knows how I was trembling just now.

Slowly, I opened The Quran and put it in front of me. Suddenly, from the where I stood, I can see clearly everything in The Holy Book. I forgot about my spectacles, I was wearing it!. I don't usually bring it during my prayer. Alhamdulillah!, praises be upon Allah swt!. I read everything near perfect, made a few minor mistakes and was able to finish the total of 15 rakaah of the Tarawikh and Witir prayers plus Isya' prayer.

I don't think I'm able to sleep tonight!. Thanks oh Allah!. I've overcame one of my greatest fear!. Really really love You!. Hehe.

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  1. Do not Fear and Pray to Allah (S.A.T) to give grant you strength because you are going to do a kind deed and Allah will surely help you

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